How to Activate Your Global Cash Card?

Companies are turning to paperless solutions when it comes to preparing their payrolls and processing their employees’ paychecks. The Global Cash Card is one such solution. Apart from helping companies save money, it gives employees an easy and convenient way to access their money.

Accessing Your Card Account Online

The login procedure is very simple. On the homepage, you will enter your username and password. Tap “Log In”. It is possible that you have forgotten your username or password. You can retrieve these two by clicking on “Click here for help”.

Global Cash Card Balance

There are several simple methods to check your Global Cash Card balance for free. Below are some of the best methods to check your card balance.

  • Head over to
  • Two-way texting: Text BAL to 28547 (Text STOP to 28547 to stop the service).
  • Sign up for card alerts (to get automatic notifications).
  • Calling 888-220-4477 and following the prompts.

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Global Cash Card Activation

You need to activate your Global Cash Card as soon as you receive it from your employer. If not, you may not be able to access your monthly paycheck. Having an activated Global Cash Card is tantamount to holding cash in hand.

The following are some of the easy ways to activate Global Cash Card:

 1. Activate Global Cash Card Online

Once you receive your Cash Card, you need to visit the GCC online activation portal to activate it. Once you have logged into your online account, you will be asked to enter the card number and expiration date.

Global Cash Card Activation

Along the way, you will have to prove you a human and not a robot by keying in some security text. In a process that takes a very short time, you will be able to activate your Global Cash Card.

The card number comes in the form of 16 digits. Enter it, choose a password and username, followed by a PIN. Activating your card couldn’t be easier than that.

All your Visa and MasterCard cards can be activated using this method. However, pay cards issued to you by your employer so that you can instantly access your paycheck do not apply. If you have an instant pay card, keep it. You can use it in place of a lost Visa or MasterCard.

2. Global Cash Card Activation via The Phone

You could be among the people who would rather activate their Global Cash Card offline. Don’t worry. Using a dedicated toll-free phone number, you should be able to get your card up and running.

The customer service number for activating your card is 1-866-395-9200. Call this number and you will be asked to provide some basic information. That includes the card number, social security number, date of birth and so on.

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What Next After Activation?

Now your Global Cash Card is activated. It is possible for you to access immediately access your paycheck assuming your employer has released the funds. You can use this money any way you choose.

Apart from being able to withdraw at the ATM, you can also use the card to make purchases online or in-store. Nothing could be more convenient. Besides, your money is safe and secure. You will not be held liable for losses that occur due to identity theft.

In case you lose your Global Cash Card, it is advisable that you report it as a matter of urgency. By calling 1-949-751-0360, you will be able to stop all activity on the card.

Did you know it is possible to top up the Global Cash Card with your own money? Platforms such as Western Union and MoneyGram should come in handy.

Clearly, it is easy to activate your Global Cash Card. Using any of the two methods suggested here, you will be able to access your money. What more could anyone ask for?