How Do You Get Your Money Off The Cash App in 2023?

Cash App is one of the most innovative ways to send and receive money via the mobile phone. It involves downloading the app onto a smartphone and then signing up using your mobile number or email address. You can then send or receive money from close family and friends. By linking a debit card to Cash App, you will be able to access your bank account. Once you have received funds, how do you get your money off Cash App?

Manual Cash Out

You can get your money off the Cash App in two ways. The first is a manual process which involves manually activating the funds’ withdrawal process. To get access on your money, all you need to do is to tap the amount in dollars appearing on your home screen at the top. Then follow it up by tapping “Cash Out”.

How to Get Your Money Off The Cash App

Once that is done, the money will be moved from Cash App to your bank account within no time. If you choose the immediate withdrawal option, you will pay a 1.5% percent commission. Otherwise, you will have to wait for at least 3 days before the funds are deposited in your account. The withdrawn amount will be reflected on your bank statement with the name of the sender of the money or the prefix SQC.

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Automatic Cash Out

It is also possible for you to have the funds coming into your Cash App to be deposited directly into your bank account. But that’s only possible if you enable automatic cash out. With that, you can get your money off the Cash App without having to login every time you need to cash out your money.

Of course, those who used Cash App when it was first introduced had their money deposited directly into their bank accounts. However, after an upgrade of the Cash App services, you the user are forced to move the funds into your bank account manually. In other words, you cannot automatically get money off the Cash App without changing your settings.

Once you toggle automatic cash outs, any money sent to you by your peers will be automatically deposited into your account. If you set instant transfers, it will cost you 1 percent of the amount. Otherwise, you will wait for three working days where no commission is involved.

Here is how to enable automatic cash outs from Cash App:

  • Open the Cash App on your phone by tapping on it.
  • Once it’s open, go to the upper left corner and tap your “Profile”.
  • Scroll down and tap “Auto Cash Out”.
  • Choose whether you want instant transfers or that which takes up to 3 days.

This simple process is all you need to move funds automatically from Cash App to your bank account. In case you change your mind, you can go through the same process to disable the automatic transfers.

Now you know what it takes to get your money off the Cash App. If you haven’t done it yet, do it now!


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