How Do You Order A Square’s Cash Card?

You may have heard about Cash App, but what is the Cash App Card? The Cash App Card is a black custom-made Visa debit card with your signature. This card is linked to your Cash App e-wallet. You can use the Cash App Visa debit Card to make withdrawals of cash at your local Visa-accepting ATM or make payments at the point-of-purchase by swiping the Cash App Visa debit card. These transactions are funded from the money in your Cash App’s e-wallet.

But just how do you order a Cash App card? It is only possible for you to receive a physical card after you have activated your virtual card. After that, you can request for a physical card via Cash App and wait to receive it in 5 to 7 days.

Issuance of the Cash Card

Square Inc., which is the provider of the Cash App Visa debit card doesn’t actually provide the card. Square Incorporation makes arrangements with Sutton Bank, which is the actual provider that gives you access to a prepaid payment card under the facility known as the Cash App Prepaid Card Program or “Cash Card”. Using this card implies that you have to comply with the “Cash Card Terms” or “Cash App Prepaid Card Program Agreement.” Note that these terms are subject to regular updates, and these terms are between the user and Sutton Bank and not Square Incorporation, which is the provider of Cash App services.

The Cash App Visa debit card is either issued as a physical or virtual card. To activate the virtual card you have to use the “Access funds“ button on your app and toggle on the virtual card icon. What if I need a physical card? Well, physical cards are ideal for ATM transactions and swiping, which grants you more flexibility in making payments. If you need a physical card you have to follow the prompts on your app to request for a physical card. Note that you also have to provide a signature that will be placed on the card as well as the mailing address that will enable you to receive your card.

Order a Cash App Card

How to Order a Cash App Card?

Setting up a Cash App card is only possible after you have received it. Open the Cash App and tap the account balance on the upper part of the screen (displays “Cash & BTC” if your balance is $0). Click “Get Cash card”. Once you confirm your personal information, you will be required to provide a shipping address.

You will have to provide a signature and also provide an image to be etched on the card using a laser. Just like signing up for Cash App, you will need to be at least 18 years old to the request for a Cash App Card.

It will be possible for you to get your card number through Cash App. All you need to do is to tap “Cash Drawer” appearing way up the screen. In no time, your Cash App Card will be displayed.

Who Can Use a Cash App Card?

Some banking institutions offer payment cards to minors, but this isn’t the case with the Cash App Card. To be an eligible user of this card and Cash App-related services, you have to be a resident of the U.S and you should be aged 18 years or above. You also have to create an account using your mobile phone number or e-mail.

Activating a Cash App Card Using a QR Code

The Cash Card will be sent to you together with a QR code. You may activate your card in the following simple way:

  • Open the Cash App and tap the account balance on the upper part of your app home screen – tap “Cash & BTC” if your account balance is $0.
  • The Cash App has an image which will be displayed on your screen. After tapping on it, follow it up by clicking “Activate Cash Card” or “Scan QR code”. You may also use the “Activate” that’s just below the image.
  • When the Cash App requests for permission to use the camera on your phone, tap “OK” to allow it.
  • Hold your phone camera over the card activation QR code and ensure it is properly aligned. Once the camera captures the information in the QR code, the card will be activated.

What Can I Do When I Lose My Card?

Cash App Cards may be lost in fires, theft, vandalism, or through normal wear and tear, which spoils their functionality. If you lose your card, the first thing you should do is request for a cancellation of the card to avoid cases of fraud. You can do so by contacting the support department on the contacts provided on Cash App’s online profile pages. Thereafter, you should request for a new card.

To request a new Cash App card, you can tap on the virtual card icon in your app and click on the “Report a lost card” prompt to get a new card. If you are eligible for a new card, Cash App will contact Sutton Bank for the processing of your new card.


Once you have received and activated your Cash App Card, you can use it to make payments and withdraw cash from ATM machines. To make ATM withdrawals, you will be required to enter a PIN. The card can be used to make payments just about anywhere they accept debit or credit cards.


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