How to Add Money to Cash App in 2023?

If you are using Cash App for making regular payments, you need to keep topping up the cash balance on the app. This basically means transferring money from your regular checking account in your bank to the app. In other words, at this time, the only way to add cash to your Cash App balance is with a linked debit card. Here are the different steps you need to take to add money to your Cash App.

How to Add Money to Cash App

Setup the App and Check if it is Functional

One of the first things you will be required to do is to download the Cash App and install it in your mobile device. Depending on the device you are using, whether it is Android run or run on iOS, you should find it in the respective app store, Play Store or the App Store. This ensures you are getting a reliable version of the app, without any unwanted ads or tag along freeware.

Once the app is installed you will find its dashboard showing balance $0. You will need to add money to the app to be in a position to use it for making payments, the main purpose for which you have installed it. The app would first ask you for details of the bank account you wish to link with the app for making the fund transfers. There will be a channel which will host these transactions, from your app to the bank and back and from your app to the recipients of the money you are making payments to.

You will be asked to enter the details and a confirmation obtained from the bank that you are the holder of the account. To check if this process is complete, you can make a money transfer of a nominal amount like $5 or $10.

The Process of Adding Cash

It’s all menu-driven:

  • After opening the Cash App, tap the account balance on the app home screen (It displays “Cash & BTC” if your balance is $0).
  • Look for the menu that says Add Cash; click on it.
  • It will ask you the amount to be added.
  • Tap on the button that says Add or OK.
  • At this stage, you will be asked to input the password or the PIN you had saved for confirming the action.
  • You will find the balance added to the Cash App and it will reflect there.

This is the simplest task that can be performed. The above steps become automatic if you have just linked one bank account to your Cash App. There are other aspects to consider.

For instance, if you have more than one bank account linked to the Cash App, you will have to designate one of them as the default account. When the money transfer is made, the Cash App will assume that you want the funds to be transferred out only from that account. If you wish to use the other account to draw money from and transfer to the Cash App, you need to specify that while doing the transfer and it will handle it accordingly.

If you are using the Cash App for business, then you may be a charged a fee for using the app and for carrying out transactions too.

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