How to Check a Visa Gift Card Balance?

It has been a while since you started using your Visa gift card and you are not sure how much of it is spent and how much you still have in terms of balance. You can check your Visa gift card balance in several ways. If you have access to a computer and an internet connection, simply go to the card issuer’s website to check the balance. Alternatively, you could call the toll-free customer support number (Check the back of your card). Now a look at these methods of getting a Visa gift card balance in detail.

Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance Online (

Step 1. Open the website as a first step to checking your balance.

Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance Online

Step 2. Enter the 16-digit Card Number. You can find it at the back of your card. It has the most number of digits as hard to miss. Make sure you enter all the digits in the correct sequence.

Step 3. Input the Three-Digit Code. At the back of your card, there is a three-digit number. Check it out and enter it to check your Visa gift card balance. If you don’t know what this number is, it consists of the three digits at the very end of the card number.

Step 4. Confirm You Are Not a Robot. There is a check box which enables the Gift Cards website to confirm that you are not a robot. Check the box to confirm just that.

Step 5. Once all the card information is accurately captured, click “Check My Balance”. With that, you should be able to see a page with the most recent transactions, as well as, your card balance. If the balance doesn’t show, re-enter the card information and try again.

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Call a Toll-Free Number to Check Your Card Balance

Step 1. If you have received the Visa Gift Card from, call the number 1-877-944-3822 which is available 24/7. It is a customer support number that you call without having to pay anything.

Step 2. Respond to the customer support questions. In most cases, calling the toll-free number will be followed by prompts which you ought to follow. It is possible that the prompts will involve entering your card number, date of expiration, and the three-digit code. Without this information, you may not be able to get the balance on your gift card.

Step 3. In that simple and easy way, you should be able to confirm your Visa Gift card balance.

Other Methods of Checking Your Card Balance

If you received your Visa gift card from a popular retailer, it is still possible for you to check the balance on their websites. Retailers that support this include Walmart, Vanilla Visa, and GiftCardMall.

“Another option for checking a balance is calling the customer service number located on the back of your card.”


Your Visa gift card balance could be more than or less than the purchase balance. Where it is more, you may still use it to pay for what you are buying. If it isn’t, you may use the second means of payment to cover the purchase amount. But you have to inform the cashier how much he or she will charge on the gift card.

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