How to Check a Walmart MoneyCard Balance?

Businesses that deal with a large customer base run a number of customer retention programs. These are meant to serve multiple purposes. Over a period, the customers develop a relationship with the business and feel very comfortable doing transactions with the company. The Walmart MoneyCard is one such instrument in the hands of the customers of this retail giant.

Customers can sign up and get a card for a nominal fee. This is a prepaid-reloadable card. To that extent, it comes with the least bit of complications. You load the amount you desire, go about using the card at Walmart stores or even elsewhere and reload when the balance is low. But how do you check your Walmart MoneyCard balance? There are different ways to do this.

Check Balance Online

One of the easiest ways to obtain a Walmart MoneyCard is online from Walmart’s dedicated site. You can create your account there with the user ID and password. This can then be used to check your balance. This is available to you 24/7.

Check Walmart MoneyCard Balance

Download and Use the Mobile App

Walmart MoneyCard has a mobile app which is available on both the Android Play Store as well as the App Store on the iOS devices. The app is quite dynamic in the sense that you can do much more than just check the balance on your Walmart MoneyCard. And it is always available with you, making it absolutely convenient.

Set up Message Service

You can subscribe to a text message service offered by Walmart. This is not a default facility since not all customers would want to be disturbed with messages. It’s a service that does not cost you anything. If your telecom service provider charges for sending and receiving messages, that may apply.

The way this works is you send a message requesting for the balance on the Walmart MoneyCard and you get a response message with the balance. The dedicated five-digit number to use for this text message service is 96411. Simply text “BAL XXXX” to 96411 (XXXX is the last 4 digits of your card number).

Setup Automatic Alerts

This too is a balance confirmation tool for the Walmart MoneyCard customers. You can choose this option from the dashboard on the account site. There are options to select daily or monthly balance information. The channel can be chosen by you as well, whether you want a text message or an email.

Checking Directly with Customer Service

There are occasions when you may not be in a position to access any of the options listed above. It could simply be due to your not using a mobile phone or if you are out of a range where communication is difficult to establish. But you will still need access to a telephone to call Customer Care on 877-937-4098 to know the balance available on your Walmart MoneyCard. Obviously, the executive attending to your call would want to check your identity, which is the routine followed by any service provider.

You may be asked to share your date of birth or your mother’s maiden name as per the records you submitted first.

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